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I study trust, conflict and negotiation.  If you would be interested in participating in studies on these and other related topics, please sign up here.

Thinking of graduate school or an honours thesis?

If you are a University of Manitoba student considering an honours thesis on trust or related topics, let’s chat.  And, if you are considering graduate school in organizational behaviour, the University of Manitoba offers excellent M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs for students pursuing an academic research career.


In Progress

  • For a list of manuscripts in preparation, under review, or in revision, please contact me.

Selected Presentations

  • Neville, L. & Fisk, G.M. (2013).  Asking too much?  Psychological entitlement and negotiation.  In C. Tumlison & A. O’Leary-Kelly (chairs), Psychological entitlement in the workplace.  Symposium presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Orlando.
  • Bapuji, H. & Neville, L. (2013).  Is economic inequality as damaging to firms as it is to societies?  Paper presented at the Inequality, Institutions and Organizations conference, Vancouver.
  • Neville, L.  (2012).  The effects of restorative and retributive justice on forgiveness.  In D. Lewin & L. Greer (organizers), Restorative justice:  Integrating multidisciplinary perspectives on research and practice.  Professional development workshop at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston.
  • Neville, L. & Brodt, S.E. (2011).  The effects of observed forgiveness and discipline on teammate forgiveness and team perceptions.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, San Antonio.
  • Neville, L. & Brodt, S.E. (2011).  Interpersonal Forgiveness Following a Trust Breach: Consequences for Group Functioning.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research, Minneapolis.
  • Neville, L. (2010).  Interpersonal forgiveness following trust breach:  Team relevant consequences.  Invited presentation, Notre Dame-RSM Erasmus Conference on Behavioural Business Ethics:  Ideas on an Emerging Field,  Chicago.
  • Neville, L. & Brodt, S.E. (2010).  Third-party responses to observing forgiveness.  Paper presented in L. Neville & S.E. Brodt (chairs), Forgiveness at Work.  Showcase symposium, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Montreal.
    (Selected as an Academy Program Highlight by the Conflict Management division).
  • Neville, L. & Brodt, S.E.  (2009).  The curious relationship between fairness and trust in groups.  Paper presentation at the 13th Annual Conference on Research on Managing Groups and Teams, Ithaca.
  • Neville, L. (2008). The fast and the fragile?  Trust breach and repair in temporary teams. Visual presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Anaheim.