“To his indescribable dismay, a colleague here learned this week that students can easily obtain copies of textbook test banks [online]. I’ve never been a test bank user. But if you (or your colleagues) are, this is a potential game-changer. Thought you might want to know.”

— UCF’s Marshall Schminke this week on the AOM’s OB listserv.

“Markets in everything”, as Tyler Cowen might say.

Test banks, for the unacquainted, are large lists of potential test questions that publishers often bundle with desk copies of popular textbooks.  It has come to the point where textbook vendors often sell desk copies that come with exercises, slide decks, teaching notes, and evaluation materials.  A course in a can!  Marshall’s note, of course, underscores that instructors are not the only consumers in this market.  Caveat testor.